Life with Seasonal Flowers

Welcome to my floral world! 
I'm Yuri, a passionate flower designer originally from Tokyo, now rooted in Chicago. 
My journey with flowers began while working for a Dutch company, 
where my curiosity about Japanese culture led me to explore Ikebana, 
inspired by my mother's influence. 

My mom, too, used to learn Ikebana,
and her love for this art form ignited my own fascination. 

As my interest in flowers grew, 
I immersed myself in Western flower design, 
mastering techniques like bouquet making and wreath crafting! 

This passion blossomed into my own business, 
De Bloemen, a tribute to where it all began. 
"De Bloemen" means "flowers" in Dutch, 
symbolizing the essence of beauty and creativity 
that I strive to capture in my designs. 

Join me as we celebrate the beauty and artistry of flowers together!
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